Bye Bye low cost,
Hello fair price









Whereas personalized glasses are judged too expensive and health insurance reimbursement doesn’t stop to decrease, the alternative option of reading glass is not commensurate: minimal comfort, low quality and lifetime.

However, these glasses represent a real need for many people.



“Four billion people all around the world are suffering from partial or total sight deficiency (World Health Organization numbers).

While the optical market is experiencing many changes, such as new pattern of consumption or amendments in legislative frameworks, few solutions are offered to meet the expectations of this important demand.

Faced with these facts, as an optician, I understood the importance of developing “preassembled” glasses of high quality. By using responsible components, offering quality and competitive price, VVBV presents a new vision of Glasses and its distribution.

Three partners and myself, all opticians propose a very competitive range of quality and elegant products. We are willing to make efficient sight correction accessible to everyone.”

Charles Leboeuf

Vite Vu Bien Vu


In order to differentiate VVBV glasses from other reading glasses, we focused on quality as much on the frames as on the lenses.

We took care of the aesthetic of our glasses to propose to our customer frames adapted to their morphology, style and personality. Every one can find a frame in his own image.



VVBV opticians have created and developed, in collaboration with fresh designers a range of frames: three shapes, six colors for every style and all morphologies.

Reading glasses 2.0


Our frames are made with high quality materials.
We use resistant and ecological material, cellulose acetate, mainly composed with biodegradable cotton. Flexible and resistant, it permits to adjust the frame for a maximum comfort and lengthen its lifetime.

We also used a flexible and fixable temple, which also allows a greater lifetime and fewer constraints on the frame.

Quality glasses are also quality lenses


  • Lenses power:correction between +1 and +3, to improve near and middle vision. Lenses are also available without correction.
  • Lenses scratch coating:to enhance lenses lifetime.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating:against fog. No more fog while you’re drinking your hot coffee/tea!
  • Blue reflect protection:eye protection against the harmful numeric lights (smartphones, computers, television) and other artificial lights. Not healthy for the retina, it causes accelerated ageing of the eye. This treatment protects the cones, very important component of the eye, which permits to differentiate colors and contrast.
  • The last generation of reflects protection:more aesthetic, no more blue color on your lenses!
  • Thinning lenses:according to the correction, avoiding magnifying effect and permitting lighter glasses.
  • Material:our glasses are built with organic material, resistant and lighter.

VVBV is a smart purchase, offer you the chance to get high quality glasses for less than 40€.